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Season of Thankfulness


thank you song
The children at the Santa Rosa Christian Learning Center Daycare sing the "Thank You" song daily.
It's such a simple reminder, and a good one! 
 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
 - I Thess. 5:18

Let's continue our November theme of  THANKFULNESS with these helps:

Polite Moments by Gary & Cathy Maldaner is a great introduction to not only thankfulness, but also many other simple manners that your children should not be without! Here's an overview: 

  • Visiting Other Families - Clear instruction for how children should act when visiting their own friends, relatives, or family friends.
  • Working For Others - While they are young, teach your children how to be good employees.
  • How To Be A Servant - To be a servant is the most important thing to teach your children! But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. Matthew 23:12
  • Learn To Do These Things! - Basic things younger children must learn before they can successfully be taught anything else.

These tip cards serve as a "thank you" but also a tract. A Gospel message is printed on the back of these conveniently sized little cards. We sell them on our website in packs of 25 for just $1.50. Hurry, while they last! TIP CARDS

As you tip waiters or store clerks, include a "Thank You" tip card. Each card presents the Gospel message with Bible verses in the King James Version. More styles are available on our website under "Tracts."


Consider beginning your own thankful November theme with your children or students. Have them write down something every day that they are thankful for, you can put them on a "thankful tree." See THIS Pin for an example. We hope these suggestions are helpful and a blessing to you! We will be posting all month long with more ideas and products. Sign up for our newsletter for notifications about coupon codes and sales. Currently all orders over $30 within the U.S. will receive free shipping. Happy Shopping!


Your servants in Christ for the children,




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