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The Children’s Bible Club & Bookstore is home to “Aunt Carolyn’s” Collection and the Living Stories Series. These exciting visualized stories give the Gospel message and teach invaluable life and character lessons to children. Read the descriptions below and click on the links below to see brief descriptions of each of the Aunt Carolyn's Collection and Living Stories books.

"Aunt Carolyn's" Collection

Books in the "Aunt Carolyn's" Collection have large 8 ½" X 11" color illustrations suitable for class  or individual use.  The spiral fold-back bindings make the stories easy to handle and keep the pictures in order ( no lost pictures ).  This design allows children to view the pictures in front and the teacher to refer to the story text in back while telling the story.  Children may also look at the pictures and read the text while listening to the story on compact disc.  A soft bell tone signals the page turn.  Aunt Carolyn's stories are in large demand by children's teachers and workers in Christian Schools, Sunday schools, Children's Church, Bible Clubs, Vacation Bible School, etc.

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Descriptions of Each Story in Aunt Carolyn’s Collection

Living Stories Series

The "ILLUSTRATED GOSPEL STORY" series of books first came into being in the early forties with only several lessons at that time.  They comprised the wholesale division of THE BIBLE SUPPLY STATION in Topeka, Kansas which was owned and operated by Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Werner.  Over the next several years other story lessons were added until 13 were included in this series and since most of them were authored by Mrs. Floyd McCague, the became known as "The McCague Lessons".  In the late fifties the wholesale division became separate from the retail portion of the Bible Supply Station and became known at that time as LIVING STORIES, Inc.  From the early sixties until 2012, the stories new two more owners. From time to time additional titles have been added and are now known exclusively as "LIVING STORIES." The Children's Bible Club was able to purchase all rights in 2012 and now we are the official distributors of this wonderful set.

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Descriptions of Each of The Living Stories