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Dr. Hobbs' Biography

MEET THE AUTHOR - Out of the sand and cinders of a southern sawmill town, God called a unique young man first to salvation, then to begin a work for Him, which itself has become a unique, many-faceted ministry. Dayton Hobbs, after graduating as a ministerial student from Bob Jones University, continued his postgraduate work in the field of Education at Florida State University. He founded Grace Bible Church of Milton, Florida in 1951 and was its Senior Pastor for fifty years until he became Pastor Emeritus in 2001. His unwavering purpose was to exalt the Lord Jesus Christ and to stand true to the Word of God. This conviction led him to found and publish the quarterly fundamental Christian periodical, "The Projector" in 1972, which continues to this day “to project the light of the Word of God on the issues of the day.”

After founding the church, Dayton Hobbs supplemented his income by becoming an educator in 1954 and serving as a teacher, principal and administrator in the public school system of Santa Rosa County. After the landmark rulings of the Supreme Court in the early 1960's, which barred prayer and Bible reading in the public schools, he and his wife Carolyn were led of the Lord to leave public education and to found Santa Rosa Christian School in 1962. He knew firsthand the philosophy and methodology of  public education and desired to develop and publish for others a distinctly Christian philosophy of Education from the Scriptures.  His unique and practical experience as a pastor and an educator gave him a store of knowledge from which to draw. His published writings on Christian education issues were  free of the confusion and jargon so often associated with "educationeze." It was  direct and easy to understand, going directly to the heart of the progressive and anti-Biblical nature of education in America.

Dr. Hobbs served twice as president of the Christian Educators Assn. of the Southeast(CEA). He was also a co-founder of the Florida Assn. of Christian Colleges and Schools and served as the Vice-President of that organization from 1970 to 1990. Dr. Hobbs was also the putative inventor of the game of "Tee Ball" in 1961, a baseball game played by youngsters throughout the United States and other countries as well. Dayton Hobbs was recognized by Bob Jones University for his contributions to Christian Education by granting him an honorary doctorate (LHD) in 1968.  After an extended battle with cancer, Dr. Hobbs  went to be with the Lord on December 19, 2006.