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Meet the Author

     Mrs. Carolyn Hobbs, known and loved by children as "Aunt Carolyn," was director and storyteller for The Children's Bible Club, a weekly broadcast heard coast to coast and abroad.  Her unique ability makes Gospel stories come alive and appeal to young and old alike. As speaker for Christian teacher's workshops, she helped and challenged God's people to reach boys and girls for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now that you’ve read the official introduction,  "Aunt Carolyn" will tell you about The Children's Bible Club and how it came to be!

     What a joyful place for kids! But where did it all come from? In 1954, when I was a little younger than I am now, The Children's Bible Club began as a half-hour "live" radio broadcast with "live" children from Sunday School and neighborhood Bible classes. My husband, Pastor Dayton Hobbs, helped round the children up in an old van to take them to the station, where he led the children's singing, and conducted Scripture memory and quiz time while "Aunt Carolyn" played the piano and then told the Bible story.

The Lord blessed that simple outreach to boys and girls in the area, but after a time, the broadcast was changed to fifteen minutes, taped, duplicated, and sent to a growing number of radio stations to use in their children's programming schedules.  Interest and response has grown until The Children's Bible Club is now heard on over forty stations in the United States, on several Atlantic and Pacific Islands, and world-wide on short wave, satellite, and the internet at FBNRadio. Join us for the broadcast. To see the listener's log, click on Radio Station Log. People who have heard "Aunt Carolyn's" delightful, Biblically-sound stories, have often asked for copies, and the "Aunt Carolyn's Collection" of visualized Gospel storybooks and other children's books are an outgrowth of her storytelling ministry.

And WHERE did this storyteller lady come from??? Outer space? Never Never Land? "The hole that the Wunks has got?" NO! NO! NO!  "Aunt Carolyn" (Carolyn McVay Hobbs) grew up on a wheat and cattle farm near Sterling, Kansas, where there was plenty of work to do and space to ride horses or play.  I was blessed with a Christian home with parents who wanted me to know the Lord and live for Him. I trusted Christ as my Savior when I was eight years old.  Farm life gave me many experiences and lessons, some wonderful, some tough, but all meant by God for good. God allowed me to go to Bob Jones University where I received further training for His service and met my husband, Dr. Dayton Hobbs, who founded Grace Bible Church in 1951 in Milton, Florida. He pastored that same church for fifty plus years.  "Aunt Carolyn" helped in the ministry in music, in the Christian School, and whatever way she could. Her heart's desire was to be true to the Lord Jesus Christ and to see boys and girls and grown-ups trust Christ and serve Him.


*Aunt Carolyn went peacefully home to her Savior on October 28, 2021. She was 90 years old and left behind an incredible legacy of what it means to be a faithful servant for the Lord.