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The Book of Revelation Visualized Volume 1

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by "Aunt Kate"*

Five-Lesson Series effective for classroom, VBS, summer camps, and home-school. The lessons were prepared especially for children but are adaptable for teens or adults.

Much of Volume One is introductory to promote an understanding of the Trinity of God and man. The fall of man and Satan are also necessary for the child to be able to grasp the simple teaching of Revelation. 


Lesson 1 - THE GOD OF THE REVELATION. Introduction to the book/explanation of the Trinity of God/explanation of man's spiritual need as a trinity and Christ's provision for eternal life.

Lesson 2 - CHOOSING IN THE GARDEN OF GOD. Introductory material including the story of Adam and Eve/Satan's temptation and their fall/God's provision of a covering and their expulsion from the Garden.

Lesson 3 - THE LORD OF GLORY. Introduction to John, who recorded the book of Revelation/explanation of John's vision of Christ as recorded in Chapter 1 of Revelation.

Lesson 4 - THE ENEMY OF THE GOD OF GLORY. More background material giving the story of Satan/his original position/his pride/his fall/his work of deception in the world and his ultimate end.

Lesson 5 - CHRIST WRITES TO EPHESUS AND SMYRNA. Christ's letter to these two churches explained and applied to the true church, the body of Christ, today. Christ's invitation to come to Him and live for Him, is clearly given.

Download a sample from Volume 1 HERENot for resale or public distribution.

FORMAT: 8.5 x 11. Spiral-bound. Cardstock. 20 Full Color Illustrations.
Reprinted with permission of Message of Life, Inc.


*The author, Mrs. Kate Oliver was director of Children's Home Bible Clubs in Dallas Texas, an instructor at Dallas Bible College, and conducted teacher training classes weekly. She was the author of "Basic Bible Truths Visualized" and contributed many lessons and articles to children's magazines.

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