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Miss Bump

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A True Story!

A missionary's daughter struggles with choosing her best gift to Jesus. She decides to give her favorite doll to the Christmas party for Chinese orphan children.  Miss Bump is a sweet and touching lesson in obtaining victory over self and giving our best to the Lord Jesus. Good at Christmas, but may be used anytime to teach victorious living, as well as missions.

Complete, Illustrated Gospel Story
Size 8 1/2" by 11" Original stapled booklet format
Printed by The Printery, Kansas.
(Spanish book is reprinted by the publisher, Children's Bible Club.)
Full Instructions for Teacher's Use

For use at Home, Sunday School, Children's Church, Youth Groups,  Vacation Bible School, Child Evangelism Classes, Hospital Visitation, Bus Evangelism, and Christian Schools. A wonderful gift that keeps on giving to children!

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