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What Every Kid Wants to Know! Gospel Tract Valentine's Day Edition

  • $ 500

UPDATED for Valentine's Day! Perfect to include in treat bags or hand out at class parties, Sunday School, send in the mail and more. 

TRACTS are in PACKAGES of 50 or 100

”What is electricity?”  “Where does it come from?”
“Will that dog bite?”  “Are these berries safe to eat?”

Questions! Questions! Kids are full of questions! Yet asking the right questions and getting the right answers may make all the difference in survival, in life or death. And in quiet, serious moments, kids ask the most important questions of all -
"Where did I come from?" "Who is God?"
"What is sin?" "How can I be saved?" "Does it really matter?"

In this tract, clear answers to these questions (and more) are written directly from Scripture with the reference. (KJV)

For smaller orders, a free sample tract, or the sample text, please send us a message! 

>>Original What Every Kid Wants to Know Tract is available HERE in English, Spanish, or Tagalog.<<

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