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Living Stories Collection

The "ILLUSTRATED GOSPEL STORY" collection of books first came into being in the early forties* with only several lessons at that time.  They comprised the wholesale division of THE BIBLE SUPPLY STATION in Topeka, Kansas which was owned and operated by Rev. and Mrs. W. H. Werner.  Over the next several years other story lessons were added until 13 were included in the collection and since most of them were authored by Mrs. Floyd McCague, the became known as "The McCague Lessons".  In the late fifties the wholesale division became separate from the retail portion of the Bible Supply Station and became known at that time as LIVING STORIES, Inc.  From the early sixties until 2012, the stories knew two more owners. From time to time additional titles have been added and are now known exclusively as "LIVING STORIES." The Children's Bible Club was able to purchase all rights in 2012 and now we are the official distributors of all titles. 

Click on the link to see brief descriptions for all of the titles in the collection of
 Living Stories.

*Please note that some adjustments may be needed to some of the older language in the texts to better suit your audience. Prayerfully read and prepare the story as the Lord leads. We pray they are a blessing to you!