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Baby Chick and Me

  • $ 700

Two Stories in one book. 

First story, "Baby Chick - And Me!" Salvation message. 

Second story "Baby Chick Grows Up! - And So Do I!" for Christian growth. 

Shows Baby Chick a "prisoner" in his shell until hatched,  illustrating each of us a "prisoner" of sin until released by Salvation.  Lesson 2 deals with Christian growth through growth of Chick by proper  "feeding" and lessons by the mother hen.  

--Complete, Illustrated Gospel Story--
Lithographed in Attractive Colors Presenting the Gospel to the Children in a Unique, Gripping Manner. Use at Home, Sunday School, Christian School, Nursing Homes, Vacation Bible School and more.
  • Size: 8 1/2" by 11" stapled paper booklet format
  • Full Instructions for Teacher's Use

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