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Revelation Visualized 4 Volumes

"Aunt Kate" Teaches Revelation Visualized
by Kate L. Oliver

A Presentation of Revelation in Four Volumes for Children of All Ages.

Five-Lesson Series effective for classroom, VBS, summer camps, and home-school. The lessons were prepared especially for children but are adaptable for teens or adults. The Book of Revelation is for children as well as adults, and they will be blessed through studying it according to the promise of Revelation 1:3. Help children share in the truth and joy of God's plans for the future. The Bible is for everyone.

Gospel The lessons are not restricted to the Gospel, but the plan of salvation is clearly set forth in each lesson and should be emphasized as the teacher is led. The lessons teach a premillennial, pretribulation view of the rapture of the Church.

The Author Mrs. Kate Oliver was director of Children's Home Bible Clubs in Dallas Texas, an instructor at Dallas Bible College, and conducted teacher training classes weekly. She was the author of "Basic Bible Truths Visualized" and contributed many lessons and articles to children's magazines.

More Information 8.5 x 11. Spiral-bound. Card stock. 20-22 full color illustrations in each Volume. Orginally copyrighted in 1973. Now reprinted by The Children's Bible Club by permission of Message of Life, Inc.

  • Volume 1 (Lessons 1-5) Rev. 1-2:11. The God of Revelation; Choosing in the Garden of God; The Lord of Glory; The Enemy of the God of Glory; Christ Writes to Ephesus and Smyrna.
  • Volume 2 (Lessons 6-10) Rev. 2:12-4:1. The Wedding; The Funeral; Open Doors; A Trip Through Space; A Backward Look
  • Volume 3 (Lessons 11-15) Rev. 4-16. A Look into Heaven; A Look Down on the Earth; The Sad Song of the Trumpets; The Trinity of Satan; God Empties the Bowl of Wrath.
  • Volume 4 (Lessons 16-20) Rev. 17-22. Two Falls of Babylon; The Happy Supper and the Fearful Supper; The End of Satan; All Things New; God's Plan Completed.