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The Pilgrims' Story

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Through great struggle, conflict and sacrifice, the Pilgrims stood for conscience and the Word of God. That brought them across the "great water" at great cost for the cause of Christ, truth, and the Gospel. Deeds and weapons teach of salvation and the Christian walk. History is HIS STORY.

NEW FORMAT!  Spiral bound. 8.5 x 11 Card stock.

33 pages. 16 full color pictures. 8 pages of text about the Pilgrims and 8 pages for the Biblical application of each picture. See below for description.

TOPICS/APPLICATION: (May be divided into smaller lessons)
2-Persecution/Physical versus Spiritual
3-A Better Life/Unsatisfied Life
5-Mayflower/The Way
6-Water/Living Water
7-Gun/Sword of the Spirit
8-Worship/Pilgrims on Earth

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