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62 Suggestions to Improve Classroom Discipline

62 Suggestions to Improve Classroom Discipline

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By Carlos DeZafra Jr. - Positive practical tips for good classroom discipline. 

Concise, easy -to-read format.  Invaluable techniques  for success.

The career of many a potentially fine teacher has floundered upon the shoal of pupil discipline.  While good disciplinarians are not necessarily excellent teachers, excellent teachers are necessarily good disciplinarians in the enlightened sense of the word. 

Not only is good discipline imperative for the establishment and development of the successful teacher's career, but it is also imperative to the success of the school.  Education cannot proceed without good discipline.  Youngsters encouraged to lawlessness by one weak teacher make the work of their other teachers just that much more difficult. 

Good discipline requires more than a "bag of tricks."  It requires a basic philosophy from which specific techniques emerge.

Good discipline is best thought of as being positive-not negative.  It is helping a pupil adjust to the requirements of his environment rather than punishment for his not having adjusted.  It is turning unacceptable conduct into acceptable conduct.

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