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Baby Chick and Me

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Two Stories in one book. “Through the spiritual applications to the story of the hen and chicks, the teacher endeavors to bring children to a realization of their need of the Savior for salvation from sin. Then, by allowing the Holy Spirit to work in them, they can experience immediate and continuous growth, learning to walk in obedience and be useful in service to Him as King of our lives.”

First story, "Baby Chick - And Me!"
Lesson 1 - Salvation message. 

Second story "Baby Chick Grows Up! - And So Do I!" for Christian growth shows Baby Chick a "prisoner" in his shell until hatched,  illustrating each of us a "prisoner" of sin until released by Salvation. 
Lesson 2 New Life in Christ & Holy Spirit Living Within

Lesson 3- The Word of God & Prayer

Lesson 4 - Obedience & Reating in the Lord

Bible verses and invitations included throughout, as well as suggestions for leading a child to the Lord for salvation. (NOTE: Read text completely upon receiving your booklet as the original layout of this story from 1970 may be confusing for some.)

--Complete, Illustrated Gospel Story--
Lithographed in Attractive Colors Presenting the Gospel to the Children in a Unique, Gripping Manner. Use at Home, Sunday School, Christian School, Nursing Homes, Vacation Bible School and more.
  • Size: 8 1/2" by 11" stapled paper booklet format
  • Full Instructions for Teacher's Use

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