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Little Red Hen

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*Recommended for children ages 5 and up. See content.*

Children are touched by the illustrated story of the little Red Hen.  Sensing danger from an onrushing prairie fire, she gathers her chicks beneath her, loses her own life in the fire, but protects her brood from harm.  One little chick that did not come to the mother is lost.  Lesson in the substitutionary sacrifice of the Lord Jesus for us.

Complete, Illustrated Gospel Story
Reprinted by The Printery. 
Spanish version printed by Gospel Projects Press.
Size 8 1/2" by 11" stapled paper booklet format.
Full Instructions for Teacher's Use

For use at Home, Sunday School,  Children's Church, Youth Groups,  Vacation Bible School, Child Evangelism Classes, Hospital Visitation,  Bus Evangelism, and Christian Schools. A wonderful gift that keeps on giving to children!

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