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God's Good News the Wordless Book Flashcards and Lesson

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Each beautifully illustrated flashcard lesson focuses on one Wordless Book color - the gold page (God's love and His perfect heavenly home), the dark page (sin and God's punishment), the red page (God's one way of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ), the clean page (receiving God's gift of new life in Christ) and the green page (growing as a believer in Christ).  Ages 5-12

God's Good News: The Wordless Book includes ways to help you make this your best children's outreach.  The first 13 pages show you in easy-to-read, simple terms how to teach life-changing Bible lessons, lead a child to Christ, make the most of your class hour, and reach Preschoolers for Christ.  Included also are songs, possible 60-minute schedules for both Elementary and Pre-school and how to adapt these lessons for Preschoolers. The lessons are printed in such a way that they can be read right off the page to the children; extra helps are printed in the margins as well to make the most of each lesson. Spiral-bound.
SOLD SEPARATELY: Purchase a Teacher's Wordless Book to accompany the lesson. Spiral-bound 8.5 x 11 Card stock in 5 colors. Instruction leaflet included.
What is Included in Each Lesson?
  • Overview - Scripture, Memory Verse, Teaching Objective, Main Teaching, Emphasis for Saved, Visual Aids
  • Outline - Introduction, Progression of Events, Climax, Conclusion 
  • 60-Minute Schedule Chart - Opening, Theme Song, Memory Verse, Song, Bible Lesson/Invitation, Review, Missions, Song, Closing.
  • Teaching the Memory Verse - Introduction, Presentation, Explanation, Application, Repetition
  • Actual Lesson - Elaborates on the outline with instruction for using flashcards
  • Review Questions - 10 to 12 review questions (separate set for Preschoolers) and a Review Game.

Find the Wordless Book Song in Salvation Songs Favorites chorus book 

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