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Ti-Fam: Witchdoctor's Daughter

Ti-Fam: Witchdoctor's Daughter

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Five-Part Flashcard Missionary Story from Haiti for children ages 5-12
Ti Fam witchdoctor's daughter

Add this great missions story to any children's program. When missionaries come to Ti-Fam's village in Haiti, she chooses Christ over superstition. This five-chapter missionary story is based on fact and creatively shares the Gospel with children through the salvation of Ti-Fam and her father. Show children how God's love can change even the hardest hearts!

How to Use this Missiongram
How to Lead a Child to Christ
Chapter 1 - Sweet Potatoes and a Dress with Words
Chapter 2 - Howling Wind and Pouring Rain

Chapter 3 - Falling Rocks and a Rescue from the Sky
Chapter 4 - A Homeward Journey and a Burning Fire
Chapter 5 - A Call for Fire and a Call for Help
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