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The Wolf Dog

The Wolf Dog

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Here's a story with an important lesson for young people. The lesson is so skillfully woven into the narrative, however, that it becomes a natural part of the story, not tacked-on "preaching". "The Wolf Dog" is a warm-hearted, sympathetic portrayal of a boy and a dog that will join the ranks of best-loved dog stories - at the very top of the list. Gyp is the most loveable dog you've ever met, and Tooley might well be the boy next door.

Paperback.  151 pages. 


"'Look at 'im, Maw! Look at his tail how it's a-waggin! Please say I kin keep 'im! Please, Maw!' 'Tooley, I ain't sayin' it oncet ag'in! Git that pup off this here place, else I'll lug both of ye down to the canyon an'..."