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The Resurrection of Christ

The Resurrection of Christ

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New Testament Volume 13 - The Life of Christ Part 13

This book contains four lessons, but each is divided into four smaller portions. You will also receive an activity sheet containing extra games, discussion, and activities for each lesson.

  • Jesus Lives (Matt.25:57-66; 28:1-15; Mark 15:42-47; 16:1-11; Luke 23:50-56: 24:1-12; John 20:1-18) Jesus' friends bury His body, Jesus' enemies demand that His tomb be guarded, Jesus' followers find an empty tomb, Jesus reveals Himself to Mary.
  • Appearances of the Risen Lord (Mark 16:12-14; Luke 24:13-48; John 20:19-31; I Cor. 15:4-8) Jesus' friends question His death, Jesus' friends recognize Him, Jesus appears to His disciples, Thomas believes.
  • The Recommissioned Disciples (John 21) The disciples wait to see Jesus, Jesus comes to the disciples, Jesus questions Peter, Peter follows Jesus.
  • The Resurrection of Our Lord -Many people saw Christ after his resurrection, Jesus had a resurrected body, The importance of the resurrection.

16 two-color 10" x 14" flash card illustrations with 4-lesson teaching text. Wonderful for the Easter season!

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