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The Providence of God

The Providence of God

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Old Testament Volume 8 - Exodus Part 3

"It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn Your laws." Psalm 119:71

  • GOD PROVIDES WATER - People Need Water, Although the People Complain God Provides Water, The People Ignore the Power of God, The People Need the Help of God.
  • GOD PROVIDES FOOD - The People Do Not Trust God, God Proves He is All-Sufficient, God Tests His People, The People Disobey God.
  • GOD PROVIDES PROTECTION- The Nature of the Enemy, The Attack of the Enemy, The Protection of God, The Victory Through Prayer.
  • GOD PROVIDES FOR US TODAY- Jesus: The Smitten Rock, Jesus The Bread of Life, Jesus Prays for Us, Examples and Warnings

16 two-color 11" x 14" flash card illustrations with 4-lesson teaching text

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