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The Long-Eared Taxicab

The Long-Eared Taxicab

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The Adventures of Captain Daley's Crew

by Craig and Louise Massey

When Captain Daley and crew go to spend a few weeks at Wonderlost Lake, Pudge discovers he can earn a little extra income with his donkey, which he calls "The Long Eared Taxi Cab." They're also kept busy assisting Professor Jamieson, an ornithologist, who is recording the different varieties of bird calls in the area for research.

Mr. Quoggins, a strange little man who visits Wonderlost Lake every year, hires Pudges "taxi cab." He's been looking for something...what is it? And then Professor Jamieson's daughter runs away. Can the crew find her? More importantly, will the Jamiesons listen to the crew when they tell them about the One who can make a difference in their home?

Softcover. 56 pages.