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The Hidden Message • 2

The Hidden Message • 2

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In the darkness of a November night, Kate O'Connell wakens to the murmur of voices. Sneaking down the stairs to listen, she discovers that Papa Nordstrom needs to work at a logging camp during the worst months of the winter. Just when they have come together as a family, Papa must leave.

"What will we do without him?" Kate asks her new stepbrother. "We'll make it," Anders says. "We have to." But Kate sees her brother's eyes and guesses how he feels. Thinking about all that could happen on a Northwoods farm in 1906, she wonders, What if something goes wrong?

And things do go wrong! Near-disaster strikes once, and the again. Who left the strange message inside the organ, and what do the words mean? Who is responsible for the mysterious disappearances around the community and Windy Hill Farm? And how does Christmas become truly real in Kate's heart?

120 pages, softcover.

Book 2 in the "Adventures of the Northwoods" series by Lois Walfrid Johnson.

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