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Salvation in the South Seas

Salvation in the South Seas

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Far down in the Pacific Ocean, lying between Hawaii and Australia, and beyond the International Dale Line, are 330 islands known as the islands of Fiji.  Life in the villages of the interior differs from city life.  The houses differ; some of the customs differ; the religious life differs.  But the spiritual needs are the same as they are around the globe.
Children will enjoy learning about the unusual of Fiji: the fire-walking, the welcoming ceremony, the sea worms. But as you tell this story, pray that the listeners (as those in the story) will turn to the Saviour.
The last section of this book contains extra teaching activities:
  • Fijian Facts and Fun

  • Lets Go Sailing! geography

  • Learn to Speak Fijian - 5 translated words

  • Welcome to Fiji! Conduct a Fijian Welcome Ceremony

  • Island Activities

  • A Fishy Tale From Fiji - story/object lesson on lying

  • Full color picture (back cover) illustrating how islanders capture the balolo (sea worms)

1.  Illustration Pages 1-20, for "Salvation in the South Seas"
2. End Section divides the story into 5 short chapters
3. Bonus section!: Fijian Facts and Fun

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