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Salvador of Spain

Salvador of Spain

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A true, exciting story of a young boy who joins a gang at age 10, drops out of school at 13, and becomes a drug addict and dealer at 17. At a Bible camp, Salvador is remarkably converted and his enslavement to drugs broken forever. His story will give hope to any child who wants to break away from sin and turn to Christ.

Salvador of Spain is a story:

that will give hope to children...hope that God can change brokenness to wholeness.

with related activities that will lead children to commitment to Jesus Christ

that teaches Missions

that will reach inner-city children

that demonstrates discipleship

that will challenge Christian children to live for Christ and share the Gospel

Two OR Four chapters, 24 two-color illustrations in 10" x 14" color format, English lesson text plus student activities.  Includes Teach Enrichment Section on Roman Catholicism and drugs

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