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Pictures From Proverbs (1)

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18 Cardstock Flashcards featuring analogies taken directly from the book of Proverbs.

The answers to the questions are on the back of each card for the parent or teacher.   In addition, there is an explanation of the analogy, a Bible illustration of the proverb and questions to ask.  For the younger children, you may purchase a matching coloring book of these proverbs.

Topics in Set 1

•Trusting God


•The Tongue













•Good News




MONDAY: 1. Show the picture with the question. Give the chapter number from Proverbs where the answer can be found and have the older children find the verse for themselves. 2. Answer the question and explain the analogy. 3. Color the matching picture from the coloring book. (for younger children) 4. Post the picture as a daily reminder of the week’s proverb.
TUESDAY: Memorize the verse.

WEDNESDAY: Read and discuss the Bible illustration.
THURSDAY: Review by answering the questions.
FRIDAY: Think of other examples from your own lives.

IN A CLASSROOM: (Sunday School, Christian School, Children’s Church) (Note: This set includes eighteen proverbs which can be taught one per week to complete one semester of school or one per Sunday to complete one-third of the calendar year.) 1. Ask the question which is in large print at the top of the card as you show the picture to the class. Do not announce the topic because it often gives away the answer. 2. If no one knows the answer, give the chapter number from Proverbs and have the students find the answer in their Bibles. When someone finds the answer, ask him to read the verse to the class. Explain the meaning of the analogy. 3. Ask the students to look for someone who illustrates this proverb as you read the Bible passage. Discuss their answers. 4. Ask the “REVIEW” questions from the back of the card. 5. Encourage the class to think of other illustrations of this proverb either from Scripture or from everyday life. 6. Memorize the proverb and display the picture as a reminder of the lesson. 7. Have the younger students color the matching picture from the Coloring Book.

CAN ALSO BE PLAYED AS A GAME (for two teams)!

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