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Mary Slessor Missiongram

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Five chapter story on the life of Mary Slessor. (Formerly Run, Ma, Run)
Mary Slessor was a legend in her lifetime, and perhaps just as much, if not more so, in the modern day. The escapades of the petite red-headed Scottish Missionary are heart-wrenching, humorous and convicting, to see how God used the life of a drunkard’s daughter to bring peace and the Gospel to the country of Nigeria.
  1. The Call to Calabar
  2. Duke Town to Old Town
  3. Off to the Okoyong
  4. Nurse, teacher, Judge
  5. Aros: The Final Stop
30 14” x 9 5/8” full-color flashcard visuals
English text booklet with counselling aids and review questions included.

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