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Mary Jones and Her Bible

Mary Jones and Her Bible

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by Mary Ropes.

In the rugged land of Wales, and at a time (early 19th century) when her family could only eke out a meager living, young Mary longs to learn more about the Word of God. This true story takes place in a town where food and clothing are difficult enough to obtain, but young Mary longs for nothing more extravagant than her own Bible.

She determines to work hard to earn what little she can, and it takes six years of selling eggs and other work, to obtain the desire of her heart: to possess her very own Bible! Finally, having saved up enough to purchase it, she embarks on a 25 mile walk - without shoes of her own! - to make the trip for the purchase. And it is said that her earnest devotion to this had a role in inspiring others to begin The British and Foreign Bible Society, in 1804.

Paperback. Ages 7-8.