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Lost in the Woods

Lost in the Woods

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Mary and Alice were hunting for the cows that had strayed into the woods. Now they were lost, and as the night grew darker and the hooting of the owls echoed through the woods, Alice began to cry with fright.

Suddenly Mary cried, "What was that? Look Alice!" . . .

"Lost in the Woods" is a series of 23 gospel stories for children. Margaret Jean Tuininga has woven the story of the gospel of God's grace skillfully and clearly into each story. Especially suited for children in the 4-10 age group. Each story is two short pages, perfect for end of the day reading or bedtime.

Paperback. 8.5 x 5.5. 47 pages.
Lost in the Woods
When Ruth Disobeyed
Betty's Broken Arm
Be Ye Not As the Mule!
Two Prisoners
Mr Grasshopper
The Stolen Doll
A Snake and the Sunlight
The Red Jacket
The Kitten's Mistake
The Storm
How A Farm Boy Was Saved
Have You Tried It?
Spot Gets Caught!
A Prickly Playmate
Inside the Sugar Bowl!
Jane and the Red Velvet Motto
Mother Hen's Busy Day!
When the Lion Roared
The Best Gift
A Letter For Rose
Consider Her Ways And Be Wise!