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Letters Missionaries Never Write

Letters Missionaries Never Write

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by Frederick L. Kosin

Fred Kosin and his wife Jenny have been in the Lord's work since 1966. He has served in a church-planting ministry int he Southeast of the United States.

For the past sixteen years they have traveled widely "serving missionaries around the world." This ministry has taken them to more than sixty countries speaking at conferences for missionaries and retreats and offering personal counsel from their wide experience. On various occasions they have offered practical help in addition to spiritual encouragement.

A Missionary Candidate
A Missionary on Deputation
A Short Term Missionary
A Missionary Kid "MK"
A Missionary on Furlough
A Missionary Mother
A Failed Missionary
A Missionary Widow
A Prepared Missionary
You could have Helped
Pray for Us
Prayer Requests

Softcover. 155 pages. 8.5 x 5.5"

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