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Laraba and Audu

Laraba and Audu

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By Frances F. Harling and W. Claire Greiner
Janet Cranston

Laraba - A girl who trusted - Laraba's relationship with her earthly father, her disobedience, and his forgiveness and love, gives a warm and true picture of God's dealing with His children. Four truths are emphasized: salvation, sonship, safety and a special home in heaven.

Audu - An "It-really-truly-happened" story - Audu is a young African in Nigeria who came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Audu first heard the Word of God in a leprosarium where his father was a patient. When Audu himself contracted leprosy, he returned to the hospital - and learned more about Jesus. The eagerness Audu has had to know Jesus, his persecution, and his miracle in learning to read, make an exciting account. (Incidentally, Audu is using this volume in his homeland when he gives his personal testimony.)

1. Large Full Color Illustration Pages 1-24 for "LARABA" and "AUDU"
2. End Pages with story/dialogue for reading with each illustration.