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Ladi and White-White

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Two Illustrated Stories of Africa

Two-color Printed Flash Card Volume

20 two-color 10" x 14" illustrations with two one-chapter English story texts

Story Synopsis

LADI: A broken arm makes it necessary for Ladi to stay in the missionary's home. There, through patient teaching, Ladi is lead to the Light of the World. Later, she becomes a bright witness in her own home and leads her father to receive Christ. Ladi's example will encourage children to be witnesses to their family and friends.

WHITE-WHITE: A delightful missionary story of a lost lamb named White-White. The love of the Good Shepherd for His lost sheep is clearly portrayed. As the Good Shepherd died giving His life to save all who come to Him, so the African shepherd died giving his life for disobedient White-White.

Memory Verses: John 10:11, Romans 6:23