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Knowing Christ

Knowing Christ

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Five of the "I Am's" in the book of John are taught through a corresponding Bible lesson - the Good Shepherd (the lost sheep), the Bread of Life (feeding of the 5,000), the Resurrection (raising of Lazarus), the Light of the World (blind Bartimaeus) and the Way (the disciples with Jesus in the Upper Room).  Teachings include thanking the Lord for His care, knowing Him through daily fellowship, relying on Him no matter what, witnessing and assurance of salvation.
How to Use this Bible Lesson Series
Suggested Materials
How to Lead a Child to Christ
Lesson 1 - The Good Shepherd
Lesson 2 - The Bread of Life
Lesson 3 - The Resurrection
Lesson 4 - The Light of the World
Lesson 5 - The  Way
Learning Activities and Review Questions for each lesson


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