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Good News Stories Set: Volumes 1-3

Good News Stories Set: Volumes 1-3

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No. 1: Lost in the Woods

Mary and Alice were hunting for the cows that had strayed into the woods. Now they were lost, and as the night grew darker and the hooting of the owls echoed through the woods, Alice began to cry with fright.

Suddenly Mary cried, "What was that? Look Alice!" . . .

No.2: The Doll That Grew

Hope's doll was made of cloth and stuffed with kernels of dried corn, but although it was not a beautiful doll, Hope loved it dearly.

One day, Hope and her brother James quarreled, and in anger James grabbed Hope's doll. When no one was watching, he buried it deep in the soft ground at the end of the garden. "There," he said to himself, "nobody will ever know what happened to it."

No. 3: Face to Face With Lions

Glancing out of his window, the missionary saw that some goats had gotten into his vegetable garden. He knew that in a few minutes they would destroy much of his crop, so snatching up a stick, he hurried to chase them away. He was almost upon the goats when he stopped short in horror. He was face to face with three lions!