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God: His Son, His Book, His Home

God: His Son, His Book, His Home

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New Testament Volume 00 - New Testament Introductory Volume

"...You turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God..." I Thessalonians 1:9

  • GOD - Idols cannot hear or answer prayer; The Living God hears prayer; The Living God answers prayer; God the Creator is eternal, holy, and He is love.
  • THE SON OF GOD - The Son of God came to earth as a baby; The Son of God died, taking all our sins on Himself; Christ proved He is the Son of God by rising from the dead; Christ went up in the clouds to be with God the Father.
  • THE BOOK OF GOD - How we got our Bible, the Book of God; The Book of God forgotten; The Book of God found; The Book of God obeyed.
  • THE HOME OF GOD - Jesus returns to God in heaven; Heaven is a beautiful place; People from every nation will be in heaven; Everything is perfect in heaven.

16 full-color 9" x 12" flash card illustrations and map with 4-lesson teaching text

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