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Face to Face With Lions

Face to Face With Lions

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Glancing out of his window, the missionary saw that some goats had gotten into his vegetable garden. He knew that in a few minutes they would destroy much of his crop, so snatching up a stick, he hurried to chase them away. He was almost upon the goats when he stopped short in horror. He was face to face with three lions!

"Face to Face with Lions" is a series of 23 gospel stories for children. Margaret Jean Tuininga has woven the story of the gospel of God's grace skillfully and clearly into each story. Especially suited for children in the 4-10 age group. Each story is two short pages, perfect for end of the day reading or bedtime.

Paperback. 8.5 x 5.5. 47 pages.

Face to Face with Lions
And If...!
The Girl Who Gave All She Had
Elizabeth and Lindy
The Girl Who Could Not Wait Until Tomorrow
Zip to the Rescue
Raymond's Watch
Strange Playthings
Where Was Larry?
Good Ground
The Milk Truck Rider
The Devil Forgot the Boxcars!
When Susan Helped with the Washing
A Penny for Candy
How the Crooked Stick Became Straight
The Tree-House That Fell
How Louise Was Saved
What It Took to Reach Tom
The Boss of the Barnyard
Jim Found Out Why!
Jean's Fish
Plugged Ears
Trudie and Her Suitcase