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Christie's Old Organ

Christie's Old Organ

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by O. F. Walton

Christie has no family. He's a street kid surviving on his own. No one takes any interest in him except Treffy the old organ grinder. Treffy is a kind old man but he is very ill. Together Christie and Treffy look after each other. Christie gets enough money for their food and lodgings by playing Treffy's old barrel organ for anybody who will listen. 

One day a little girl called Mabel hears Christie's Old Organ playing just outside her window. She runs out to see the little organ boy and soon becomes Christie's friend. Mabel tells Christie about another home you can go to if you love the Lord Jesus. Will Christie find his home? Will he ever have a family of his very own? Let O.F. Walton tell you Christie's story and enjoy a book from yesterday that still touches hearts today.

Softcover. 156 pages.