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New Testament Volume 21 - Romans Part 3

" . . . You are washed . . . you are sanctified . . . you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God." I Corinthians 6:11

  • SAMUEL IS SANCTIFIED - Samuel, before birth, is set apart for the Lord; though set apart for the Lord, Eli and his sons sin; God chooses Samuel for His service; Eli and his sons are judged by God.
  • GOD'S HOUSE IS SANCTIFIED - God's people worship idols, ignoring the set-apart house of God; King Hezekiah orders the people to set apart themselves and the house of God; King Hezekiah leads the people in sanctifying themselves for God; the people prove they are set apart by getting rid of sinful practices
  • DANIEL SANCTIFIES HIMSELF - God's set-apart people are responsible to set themselves apart for Him, God blesses Daniel because he sets himself apart, Daniel's sanctification is tested, God honors Daniel 
  • BELIEVERS ARE TO LIVE SANCTIFIED LIVES - as the Most Holy Place in God's house was set apart, so believers are set apart for God; believers sanctify themselves by following God's way willingly; believers are sanctified by God's Word and prayer; believers will one day be perfect like the Lord Jesus

16 two-color 10" x 14" flash card illustrations with 4-lesson teaching text

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