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Divine & Moral Songs

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A real "Find" for parents, pastors, teachers, children's and youth leaders!

The author of Logic and The Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts realized that songs were an excellent way to teach theology and morality to young children. So he wrote these Divine and Moral Songs for young ones as a teaching tool to augment their catechisms. The “divine” songs teach children theology: providence, redemption, thanksgiving, the gospel, etc. The “moral” songs teach character and morality, the evils of keeping bad company, swearing, lying, etc.

"Give 'em Watts, boys! Give 'em Watts!" Discover the significance of this cry during the American Revolutionary War. Then recognize that "Today we are engaged in another conflict - this one for the hearts and souls of our children. With God's help we are going to Give 'em Watts! again." (The Editor)

Arranged and Edited by Carris J. Kocher, 1991 - The best seller of children's literature for over 200 years. This literary classic is now available with music using familiar hymn tunes. Includes simple piano accompaniments, chord notations, and other helps. Embossed cover.

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