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Fanny Crosby: The Blind Poet

Fanny Crosby: The Blind Poet

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By Doris Stuber Moose, Karen E. Weitzel

Illustrated by Vernon Henkel

This eight chapter story of a young blind girl with an amazing memory will captivate all who hear it. How Fanny grew and became one of America's will known songwriters (she authored over 8000 songs) shows what God can do with a life wholly yielded to Him.

"Fanny Crosby - The Blind Poet" will stimulate an appreciation for Gospel songs and relate how some came to be written. Extra activities are given for each chapter.
1. Illustration Pages 1-24, for "Fanny Crosby - The Blind Poet"
2. Page 1-7 - Story of "Fanny Crosby - The Blind Poet"
3. Page 8 and inside back cover- Instructions on how best to tell the story with ways to involve the children for each chapter.
1. Learning about blindness, Learning Centers
2. Memorizing God's Word, Handcraft
3. Understanding pride/humility, game
4. Meeting People, Questions/Answer
5. Believing in Christ, Invitation
6. Trusting in God puzzle,
7. Making Music, hymn search,
8. Serving God, Bible drill

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