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This 1976 pamphlet by Dr. Hobbs exposes changes in the educational methods of the American public education system that have had a negative impact on what students have learned in the past and are learning today:

" . . . the product of Non-Christian schools is in fact 'uneducation' and not education at all! Not only is the product of the public school 'uneducation,' but the whole program is designed to take a child at age five or six, or even earlier if possible, and put him through a process that will bring him out uneducated at the end of the training period. Whether he stays twelve or thirteen years or on through college, the further he goes in the education process the more uneducated he becomes, until in fact, we have the product that the public school is turning out today — 'Uneducation.'"

4"x6" booklet, 9 pages

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