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Turned Around

Turned Around

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(Clearance price, only one available...visuals may be purchased from CEF Press.)

Five complete Bible Lessons for evangelistic outreach to children ages 5 to 12.

How to Lead a Child to Christ
Make This Your Best Children's Outreach Ever!
Teaching Life-Changing Bible Lessons
Making the Most of Your Class Hour
Get In on It!
Reaching Preschoolers for Christ
High Octane Clubs
Elementary Overview
Preschool Overview
Preschool Song Lyrics and Motions

  • Lesson1: A Lost Man Found in a Tree (Zacchaeus)
  • Lesson 2: Undeserved Kindness (Mephibosheth)
  • Lesson3: Listen, God is Speaking (People in the Time of Noah)
  • Lesson4: The Right Direction (The Ethiopian Treasurer)
  • Lesson5: Turned Around (Saul)

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