Hymn Writer: William Walsham How

Illustrated by: Sandra Jarrett

O Word of God Incarnate



Page 1-1 - Large Words:   O Word of God incarnate, O Wisdom from on high,

Page 1-2 - Illustration of Baby Jesus

Page 1-3  - Large Words:   O Truth unchanged, unchanging, O Light of our dark sky:
Page  1-4 - Illustration of Christ and the Bible

Page 1-5 - Large Words:   We praise You for the radiance that from the hallowed page,

Page 1-6 - Illustration of the cross, the tomb, and folded hands

Page 1-7 - Large Words:   A Lantern to our footsteps, shines on from age to age

Page 1-8 - Illustration of young boy reading the Bible

Page 2-1 - Large Words:   It floateth like a banner before Godís host unfurled;

Page 2-2 - Illustration of children marching with a banner with the Bible pictured

Page 2- 3 - Large Words:   It shineth like a Beacon above the darkling world.

Page 2-4 - Illustration of a lighthouse with a Bible in the foreground.

Page 2-5 - Large Words:   It is the chart and compass that o'er lifeís surging sea,

Page 2-6 - Illustration of a ship Captain using a compass in sight of rocks.

Page 2-7 - Large Words:   'Mid mists and rocks and quicksands, still guides, O Christ, to Thee.

Page 2-8 - Illustration of a boy reading his Bible and walking on a path to heaven.

Page 3-1 - Large Words:   O make Thy Church, dear Savior, a lamp of purest gold,

Page 3-2 - Illustration of a oil lamp with a crowd of people in background

Page 3-3 - Large Words:   To bear before the nations Thy true light, as of old.

Page 3-4 - Illustration of children of many nations looking at a Bible.

Page 3-5 - Large Words:   O teach Thy wand'ring pilgrims by this their path to trace,

Page 3-6 - Illustration of Christ showing children the way.

Page 3-7 - Large Words:   Till, clouds and darkness ended, they see Thee face to face.

Page 3-8 - Illustration of children of many nations looking to Jesus

Last Page - Teaching Notes

Insert Between last page and back cover - Words and music for "O Word of God Incarnate"

O Word of God Incarnate


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