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Divine and Moral Songs for Children, by Isaac Watts.

The author of Logic and The Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts realized that songs were an excellent way to teach theology and morality to young children. So he wrote these Divine and Moral Songs for young ones as a teaching tool to augment their catechisms. The “divine” songs teach children theology: providence, redemption, thanksgiving, the gospel, etc. The “moral” songs teach character and morality, the evils of keeping bad company, swearing, lying, etc.


Divine and Moral Songs for Children


Divine and Moral Songs CD
using familiar hymn tunes

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Divine and Moral Songs
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Give 'em Watts, boys! Give 'em Watts!"  Discover the significance of this cry during the American Revolutionary War.  Then recognize that "Today we are engaged in another conflict - this one for the hearts and souls of our children.  With God's help we are going to Give 'em Watts! again."  (The Editor)

Arranged and Edited by Carris J. Kocher, 1991 - The best seller of children's literature for over 200 years.  This literary classic is now available with music using familiar hymn tunes.  Includes simple piano accompaniments,  chord notations, and other helps.  Embossed cover.  



Divine Songs

Song 1.   A General Song of Praise to God,  Song 2.   Praise for Creation and Providence,  Song 3.   Praise to God for our Redemption,  Song 4.   Praise for Mercies,  Song 5.   Praise for birth and education in a Christian land.,  Song 6.   Praise for the Gospel,  Song 7.   The excellency of the Bible,   Song 8.   Praise to God for learning to read,  Song 9. The all-seeing God,  Song 10. Solemn thoughts on God and death,  Song 11.    Heaven and Hell,  Song 12.  The advantages of early religion,  Song 13.  The danger of delay,  Song 14.  Examples of early piety,  Song 15.    Against lying,  Song 16.   Against quarrelling and fighting,  Song 17.  Love between brothers and sisters,  Song 18.Against scoffing and calling names,  Song 19. Against cursing, swearing, and taking God's name in vain,  Song 20.  Against idleness and mischief,  Song 21.  Against evil company,  Song 22. Against pride in clothes,  Song 23. Obedience to parents,  Song 24.  The child's complaint, Song 25.  A morning song,  Song 26. An evening song,  Song 27. For the Lord's-day morning,  Song 28.  For the Lord's-day evening.

The Ten Commandments

Moral Songs

Song 1.  The sluggard,  Song 2.  Innocent play,  Song 3.  The Rose,  Song 4.  The thief,  Song 5.  The ant, or emmet,  Song 6.     Good resolutions,  Song 7.  Summer's evening, 

Cradle hymn.


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