Wordless Book Song

Visualized Song

The Wordless Book Gospel tool has been used around the world to lead thousands of children to Christ.  Now teach the basics in a song!  Gold, black, red, white and green clearly illustrate Gospel truths for children of all ages.  Eight full-color pages 10" by 13" with two copies of wordless book song inserted in book, and additional printing of song on back page of book



Wordless Book Song

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First page is green with black heart and white heart illustration and words: 

"My heart was dark with sin, Until the Savior came in;"


Second page is red with words: "His precious blood I know, Has washed me"


Third page is white with three cross illustration and words: "white as snow"


Fourth page and fifth pages are gold with illustration of heavenly city and words: "And in God's Word I'm told I'll walk the streets of gold;"


Sixth page has a green outline figure of a head with words: "To grow in Christ each day,


Seventh page has an outline picture of a Bible with the word: I read my Bible and pray.

Eighth page is a copy of the "Wordless Book Song" with verse two also which may be used with the white and green pages of the Wordless book.

A new life God gave to me, New life abundant and free

He wants this new life to grow, The Bible tells me so.

By loving, trusting, and praying, By witnessing and obeying,

I'll grow in God's knowledge and grace Until I look on His face.


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