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Comments On Age-Old Truths

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 In his introduction to the Book of Proverbs in The Scofield Reference Bible, C. I. Scofield says, "This collection of sententious sayings is divine wisdom applied to the earthly conditions of the people of God."  While some may quickly skim the verses for surface meaning, the author of Proverb Practicals looks deeper into these treasures of truth for God's imperatives for the Christian, who desires to be effective in his testimony and have God's blessing in the circumstances of life.

The book of Proverbs  has much to say about the issues of life.  It is a  book written by a father to his son.  It includes everything a man needs to know on how to live, really live.  And that is why its study is so important.   Proverb Practicals, Comments On Age-Old Truths consists of chapters devoted to individual proverbs,   and can easily be read in snippets of available time.  Each chapter, eight hundred words or thereabouts,  covers one or two proverbs and will offer the reader good practical advice about many aspects of right living. 

 See http://proverbpracticals.com for teaching help in God's Book of Proverbs


Proverb Practicals

Comments On Age-Old Truths

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